Behaviour Management

Discipline and beahviour management - Ipswich Private Kindergarten (IPK)

Behaviour management

Discipline at Ipswich Private Kindergarten is consistent with age and needs of each child. Physical punishment and shouting as children is never permitted on IPK premises by anyone. In the nursery we aim to be positive by setting clear boundaries and praising good behaviour but we accept that there will be times when sanctions need to be taken. It is important that carers and parents work together at such times in order to have a consistent approach.

Redirecting children to more appropriate activities can usually resolve situations as well as direct or indirect praise, leading by example and logical consequences. Occasionally we may use a quiet private talk with the child or a 'cooling off' period.

Changes in your child's home environment

If your child is experiencing a change in his or her home environment that may affect his or her behaviour, please let their key person know. All information given will be treated as confidential and only passed on to other staff on a 'need to know' basis. In these cases, communication is important. In turn, IPK will keep you informed of any problems we observe and we will work with you to address the situation.
To speak to a member of staff directly about our behaviour management policies, please call 
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