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Fees and correspondence - Ipswich Private Kindergarten (IPK)

Fees and correspondence

For a full price list and terms and conditions, please visit us or call us on 01473 406 140

Like every other home and business, IPK operates on a budget. We rely on receiving payments on time so that we can make purchases and pay salaries that ensure our nursery runs smoothly and meets you and your child's expectations. For that reason we have an established policy concerning payment of fees.

Invoices are issued during the last week of each month to cover the following month's fees. It is each parent's responsibility to collect their own invoice each month from the pigeon holes in the entrance foyers - invoices and correspondence are placed by the child's last name i.e. a letter for John Smith will be placed in the 'S' slot. Please check your pigeonhole regularly. Payments and correspondence for the office should be placed in the black safe box situated in the main foyer next to which you will also find a variety of forms that you may require during your child's stay with us, i.e. holiday notification forms, change of details forms, etc.

Fees are payable by the first day of each month and may be paid by cash, cheque or standing order. If you choose to pay by standing order and fees credit our account on or before the 1st of the month, you will be entitled to a 2.5% discount - please ask at the office for details. We also accept a variety of employee voucher schemes as part or full payment of fees.

IPK reserves the right to charge a penalty for late payments, details of which can be found in our payment policy. If you have a problem with payment, please speak to a manager. In the event of a returned cheque, we charge a fee to cover bank charges and administration. If there are repeated instances of returned cheques you may be required to pay by cash or postal order to prevent further problems.
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