Late Pick-Ups

Late pick-up information - Ipswich Private Kindergarten (IPK)

Late pick-up policies

Children become upset when parents are late collecting them. Additionally when you are late, IPK faces staffing problems and insurance issues. As a result we charge a late fee that is specified in our policies.

Our Ofsted registration and insurance allows IPK to operate within certain hours. If you are more than one hour late and IPK has been unable to contact anyone listed on your child's registration form we will automatically contact the appropriate agency who will collect your child for safekeeping.

Extended care hours

Depending on the number of children in the nursery, we may be able to offer additional care at the beginning of an afternoon session. This will be subject to a small charge and must be arranged in advance in order for us to comply with regulations as set down by our Ofsted registration.
In the event that you
expect to be late picking
up your child, please call
as soon as possible on
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